About us

Company “AXON MASH”

Welcome to the “Axon Mash” web presentation.

“Axon mash” Ltd was founded in 1987, which today is based on the production of tractor trailers, trailed corn harvesters and other agricultural machinery.

Our company’s image rests on tractor trailers and corn pickers.

Corn pickers are used to harvest fodder, seed and popcorn in tubes.

They are produced in single-row and double-row trailed versions.

Corn pickers are characterized by easy handling and maintenance, in addition to performance not seen in similar products.

We designed and produced it based on the farmers’ suggestions.

We perfected it according to the remarks and wishes of the end users.

Examination and certification was carried out by the Faculty of Agriculture in Novi Sad.

All corn pickers are marked with the CE mark – conforming to the standards of the European Union.

Our vision

To always be at the top in the production and design of agricultural machinery. Axon Mash’s vision is to be on par with the best!

Our mission

The Axon Mash realizes its mission by professional work, research, innovative services and methods in work and business processes, with the aim of satisfying the needs of customers/users, employees and society as a whole.

Axon mash Ltd manufactures the following range of products:

  • Tractor trailers
  • Corn pickers
  • Inter row cultivators
  • Grubers and soil looseners
  • Subsoil looseners – chisel
  • Short disc harrow
  • V type disc harrow
  • Springs hoes
  • Cambridge rollers

Today, our products are present in 35 countries around the world (Europe, Asia, Africa, South America).

Our quality objectives

Our basic and general quality goals set as conditions for the fulfillment of the long-term mission:

  • Continuous development of the quality management system,
    • Continuous development of products/services and work programs,
    • Continuous development and modernization of equipment,
    • Proper maintenance of workplace and equipment,
    • Achieving high-quality work space and working conditions,
    • Ensuring high quality of incoming resources – in terms of materials, parts and services,
    • Continuous development of an information system that maintains all internal work processes and ensures the necessary external connections (internet, etc.)
    • Cooperation with scientific and research organizations
    • Continuous improvement of the employees’ quality of life
    • Improvement and development of the innovative atmosphere. The management of Axon Mash constantly reviews the quality goals and adjusts them to the needs of customers/users and changes in business conditions.